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Eat? That’s ridiculous, mothers don’t eat daughters!


too lazy to finish this 😌


too lazy to finish this 😌

There’s nothing different about this morning… but for some reason… I feel like something’s missing.



goodnight moon. goodnight Milky Way. goodnight Ursa Major (UMa I dSph). goodnight 24IC 1613 (UGC 662.350[8].

goodnight nerd


"you wear that a lot" yes that is because i, a proud owner of a washing machine,


Well Isn’t That Some Shitty Quality?


Last night I reached (and passed!) 5000 followers while I was sleeping and I want to do something to thank you guys for staying and putting up with me. So I put together some prints and decided to have three prizes here

First prize: 100DoN poster + Guardians of the Galaxy poster. Three dwarves prints, two FMA prints and the other three you see in the picture.

Second prize: Same as the first prize, but no GotG poster.

Third prize: Same as the second prize but no FMA prints, sorry!

  1. You must be following this art blog.
  2. Yes. You can follow it now in order to have a chance in the giveaway. 
  3. Both likes and reblogs count. But please, don’t spam your followers and reblog only once everyday day.
  4. No giveaway blogs
  5. Your askbox must be open so I can contact you. 
  6. You must be comfortable with giving me your name and address… otherwise I can’t mail the prints to you.
  7. If within a week you haven’t replied or your askbox wasn’t open in the first place, I’ll choose some other winner. 

And that’s it. This will be running until November 1st at midnight, then I’ll post the names of the winners and will be messaging them in the following days. 

Good luck and thank you!


My new sketchbook is coming along quite nicely, I think